Hee Haw!



I went to a Fake Prom that was Country & Western themed a few years ago, and pillaged the internet for Hee Haw! images as inspiration for my Loretta Lynn costume.


So many amazing country & western musical performances on these variety shows! Here are some faves taken from Hee Haw! and Porter Wagoner.


Jenny Lewis channelled Hee Haw in her video for Rise Up With Fists! Should I ever wed, her  hair/dress is basically guaranteed to be my wedding look.


Western style – Cat Ballou &



Style inspiration from a movie I haven’t gotten through (not exactly into musicals…) but Jane Fonda in Cat Ballou has fast become a fashion/hair icon for me through the magic of Google image search.



From Eurovision 2014, The Netherlands came second with this unlikely country hit. Beautiful song, beautiful staging, and a blonde country beauty with a perfect blonde pouf! That dress, that forlorn highway, everything is perfect.

Let’s look at that hair once more:


Julia Holter on the playlist hard this summer! This video is from a few months ago, but I’m digging the cowboy hat / western shirt / lime green pants / blue scart combo!

Mormon Hair


I read Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner Of Heaven last month, and while I was moved and saddened by the horrific violence and oppression against women in the FLDS faith that it documents, I found the hairstyles and clothing fascinating. Pinterest’s “religious hairstyles” boards only fed my curiosity.  The French braids, the pompadours!


Brightly coloured “prairie dresses” are the staple of Mormon womandom, designed to shield their whole bodies from jealousy of sister-wives and the lustful looks of other husbands. The brightly-colored pastels are evocative of a simplicity, peace and joy that I suspect is only a fantasy in their daily lives.

I found this incredible photo of polygamist girls playing basketball in Bountiful, BC. The beautiful mountain vistas, their pastel prairie dresses, the motion and emotion in this photo. Their unchanging fashion and lifestyle clashes with the spirit of modernity in the sport they play, this photo steps out of place and time.

These girls are probably already married to men twice their ages, or will be soon.


Lastly, Jenny Hart’s drawings of Mormon hairstyles as part of her Vanities Sacrees drawing series

June Goals

hard candy 656.jpg

I’ve been reading so many inspiring roundups of small little monthly goals I thought it’d be time to try some of my own. It’s the time of year when I transition to one day planner to the next year’s, as I found switching back to a pen-and-paper day planner system drastically improved my productivity – it’s harder to postpone and cancel things when they’re written down vs in a Google cal) – this definitely has me thinking about fresh pages to fill with to-do lists.  I’m starting a little late in June so I’ll try to be kind to myself.

I realized last month while going through cleaning frenzy that I had a plastic bucket full of sewing in my living room for over two months, and that I definitely could not envision a comfortable living space that included it long-term. My sewing machine is in the shop, but once it’s back I’m going to FINALLY put a collar on the black and white dress, fix the skirt of the blue dress, take in those dang t-shirts, etc. etc. I unearthed some ancient embroidery that will be quick. One of my major goals for 2016 was “finish all projects started in 2015”. I think I can knock this one off with a simple afternoon and some Murder, She Wrote episodes to power me along.

I’ve found not one but two gyms that offer 30 free days of muay thai — and I’ve signed up for an introductory class on the 27th! Really looking forward to getting fit and strong and feeling better!

I have always loved fashion but my feelings about my body and my laziness have really gotten me into a clothing slump. I’d like to try out fashion blogging as an exercise in self-worth and fun

Too many of my favourite songs from years passed are getting lost in my iTunes library — I want to make a nice mix instead of just a random playlist at least for posterity.

I’ve been putting this one off major. It seems so much of my to-do list these days consists of new things, things I don’t know how to do — which is great, it’s amazing, but it can leave me a little overwhelmed sometimes. I get a bit scared of failure when my list has too many questions marks — but the only way to confront this fear of failure is to take the plunge and start getting things done.

Let’s see how I do! Already the 16th but with a couple weekends left… we’ll see…

Exotic Dancers of the 1890s

From Retronaut — this beautiful collection of glamour photos from the 1890s. This was back when a full waistline and brimming bosom signalled health and fertility — though I love the array of body types and sizes. At a time when women’s bodies were mysterious and exotic, generally hidden under layers of constricting garments, the sight of a sumptuous, juicy leg must have set the hearts of men in the gay 90’s all aflutter.

I also love how the faces of so many of these ‘exotic dancers’ bear the same bored looks as the dancers in today’s clubs.



the paper inside




RISD graduate Lisa Nilsson makes exquisite representations of the innerworkings of the human body with paper filigree (or quilling), a craft I first learned about from Martha Stewart magazine years ago (before the prison imbroglio). Nilsson has developed her own techniques, which can be investigated here.

the paper outside


These beautiful vintage map dresses by Annex are an obvious example of clothing as art. I love the idea of paper dresses — unwearable garments that expose the delicateness of the materials we sometimes do clothe ourselves in.

A woman after my own (Hallowe’en) heart.

Jillian Tamaki, the lady behind the Penguin Threads series of embroidered book covers, has made a handy guide to ‘sexy’ options for ladies’ Hallowe’en costumes.

“Sexy Virginia Woolf” is in line with a costume I talk about executing every year,”Sexy Margaret Thatcher”, with sensible patent leather pumps over fishnetted legs, red powerblazer unbuttoned, suit skirt hiked up. Puffy gray-brown wig, thin red puckered lips. Can you imagine anything more terrifying? Likely not, if you were a British miner in the 80’s. But since I never go out for Hallowe’en, (Toronto Hallow’s Eve events seem to be based around standing in line for hours) this costume has never actually seen the light of day (or night).

A friend-of-a-friend went as “Sexy Mustard” last year, to my great envy; I would repost the photo here if I knew her at all well enough to ask her permission. I do not, so you will have to use your imagination.